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By S. Matthew Liao

Welcome to Ethics Etc. We are delighted that you have found your way to this blog. We will begin posting very shortly and we look forward to your comments.


  1. 1. Posted by David Hunter | May 29, 2007 4:06 pm

    Excellent, let me give you a warm welcome to the blogosphere… Although I see several of your members are long time participants, Hi Neil & Thom :) I look forward to the interesting discussions.

    I like the Table of Content section I have done something similar here with this:

    Which uses the RSS feeds of pretty much all the major bioethics, ethics, political theory and general philosophy journals, along with the blogs and some news sources. (And yes Ethics Etc is now added to the blogs)

  2. 2. Posted by S. Matthew Liao | May 30, 2007 4:43 pm

    David, thanks for alerting us to your blog and to your Table of Contents listings. I’ve added your blog to the blogroll as well, and that’s a very nice listing you have indeed.

  3. 3. Posted by Doug Portmore | June 21, 2007 4:04 pm

    I think that I speak for all of us over at PEA Soup in welcoming you to the wonderful world of blogs. We’ve added a link to your blog over at PEA Soup, and we look forward to reading more of your interesting posts. Best wishes.

  4. 4. Posted by S. Matthew Liao | June 21, 2007 4:38 pm

    Thanks very much, Doug, for the very kind welcome! PEA Soup is exemplary of how a well-managed blog can facilitate philosophical thoughts and discussions, and it is definitely a role model for us here at Ethics Etc. We look forward to discussing many perplexing philosophical issues with PEA Soupers either here or at PEA Soup.

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