A Special Issue on the Ethics of Enhancement guest-edited by me and two other Contributors of Ethics Etc, Julian Savulescu and David Wasserman, has just come out with the Journal of Applied Philosophy. Here are the links to the papers if you have institutional access:

The Ethics of Enhancement: Guest Editors’ Introduction

The Perils of Cognitive Enhancement and the Urgent Imperative to Enhance the Moral Character of Humanity

Issues in the Pharmacological Induction of Emotions

There is a really good discussion taking place at the Leiter’s Report on the timeliness of refereeing of articles. I’ve always thought that a possibly decent solution to this problem is

a) for the journal editors explicitly to ask potential referees if they can give a verdict within 3 months and to send the paper to other people if the potential referees say no;
b) for potential referees to decline reviewing a paper if they forsee that they can’t do so within 3 months;
c) for the journals to begin to send out automatic reminders after a certain period (e.g., after two months) on a regular basis (e.g., on a weekly basis); and possibly,
d) for the journal editors to keep a list of the ‘worst offenders,’ that is, of those referees who don’t deliver on time, and to avoid them in the future.

After organizing a very successful conference on Frances Kamm’s Intricate Ethics, which I attended and live-blogged, John Oberdiek is at it again. This time he has put together a fantastic conference on “Human Rights in Theory and Practice.”

Date: Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Location: Rutgers University School of Law-Camden
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations in 1948, and in recognition of the UDHR’s 60th anniversary, the Institute for Law and Philosophy will host a one-day conference featuring panels on a range of philosophical and legal aspects of human rights. Committed participants include:

Today, we have learned the news that the Journal of Moral Philosophy will be a quarterly publication from 2009. This is a major change that I have been hoping to achieve for some time. The JMP was launched in April 2004 and since this time we have published three issues per year. I am particularly delighted that we will be able to publish accepted work more quickly and provide more articles, review articles, discussion pieces, and book reviews to our readers.

Readers of Ethics Etc, especially participants of the Kamm Reading Group, might be interested in a paper of mine entitled “The Loop Case and Kamm’s Doctrine of Triple Effect,” which has recently been accepted for publication in Philosophical Studies. Participants of the Kamm Reading Group are gratefully acknowledged in the paper. The paper can be found here, and an abstract of the paper is as follows:

I have been working on a paper entitled “The Capabilities Approach, Religious Practices, and the Importance of Recognition” that looks into cases where Nussbaum’s capabilities approach and religious practices seem to clash. The paper can be downloaded free here. The paper’s abstract is:

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