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Today, we have learned the news that the Journal of Moral Philosophy will be a quarterly publication from 2009. This is a major change that I have been hoping to achieve for some time. The JMP was launched in April 2004 and since this time we have published three issues per year. I am particularly delighted that we will be able to publish accepted work more quickly and provide more articles, review articles, discussion pieces, and book reviews to our readers.

At present, the JMP continues to be strong. We receive over 120 submissions per year minimum and our acceptance rate remains 10%. The majority of papers accepted are accepted after revisions. We currently use three referees for submissions and more than 80% of submissions are reviewed in two months or less.

The latest issue Journal of Moral Philosophy of the is now available. Please note that we have moved to Brill and our new website can be found here. (Our previously site with SAGE Publications is here.) All issues of the JMP can be downloaded from IngentaConnect here.

The contents are as follows:

An International Journal of Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy

(ISSN 1740-4681)

Volume 5, Number 1 (2008)


Henry S. Richardson, ‘Our Call: The Constitutive Importance of the People’s Judgment’, pp. 3-29.

Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, ‘Publicity and Egalitarian Justice’, pp. 30-49.

Timothy Hall, ‘Doing Harm, Allowing Harm, and Denying Resources’, pp. 50-76.

Candace L. Upton, ‘Virtue Ethics, Character, and Normative Receptivity’, pp. 77-95.

Peter Dietsch, ‘Distributive Lessons from Division of Labour’, pp. 96-117.

Reginald Williams, ‘Morality and Privilege’, pp. 118-35.


Yoon Choi, ‘Revisiting Kant’s Ethics: Two Challenges to the Status Quo’, pp. 137-49.


Alasdair MacIntyre on Value and Context: The Nature of Moral and Political Knowledge, pp.

Asger Sorensen on GE Moore’s Ethcs: Good as Intrinsic Value, pp. 155-8.

Daniel Elstein on Value, Reality, and Desire, pp. 159-61.

Philip Cook on Moral Skepticisms, pp. 162-5.

Daniel Watts on Kierkegaard’s Concept of Despair, pp. 166-8.

David B. Resnik on Stakes and Kidneys: Why Markets in Human Body Parts are Morally Imperative, pp. 169-70.

BOOKS RECEIVED (pp. 171-5).

All issues of the Journal of Moral Philosophy are available on IngentaConnect here. Subscription information can be found on our Brill website here.

Please direct all enquiries regarding article or discussion submissions to the Editor, Thom Brooks (Newcastle).

Please direct all enquiries regarding review articles and books for review to the Reviews Editor, Fabian Freyenhagen (Essex).


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