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Public Ethics Radio
By Daniel Star

Christian Barry and Matt Peterson have just launched an interesting new audio podcast series:

“We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new program, Public Ethics Radio and its website, The idea of this (roughly) 30 minute audio program is to engage ethicists in discussion of pressing practical dilemmas. Each program will focus on a particular theme—military intervention, international trade, political corruption—and take as its starting point some more specific issue that is prominent in the public consciousness. We see this as an opportunity for intellectually rigorous discussion within a range of topics that can also appeal to listeners who are not academics or ethicists. We hope that the programs can also be a valuable teaching resource.

Our inaugural episode features Thomas Pogge (Yale University) talking about his proposal for a health impact fund (launched today in Oslo, Norway). Our next three programs feature Leif Wenar (Kings College London) on the “Resource Curse”, Jessica Wolfendale (University of Melbourne) on so-called Torture Lite Techniques, and Larry Temkin (Rutgers) on Extending Human Lifespans.

We’ve got more in production and in the works. We’ll be posting updates to our schedule as these programs progress.”


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