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Many of you will be familiar with the Moral Sense Test, which has produced some valuable data on ordinary people’s intuitions about trolley cases and related dilemmas. Eric Schwitzgebel, a philosopher of mind (who does fascinating work on the unreliability of first person judgments) and Fiery Cushman, from Marc Hauser’s lab at Harvard, have now designed a version of the test especially for philosophers. They want to be able to compare the responses of people with graduate degrees in philosophy to those of the folk. I encourage everyone to take the test; it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes.

The test can be found here.


  1. 1. Posted by Alexander West | November 2, 2008 9:30 am

    I started completing this test however once I got to the two questions which included a description of the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand as Maori tribesmen I stopped. While I am a Pakeha New Zealander, part of my family is Maori and I found the use of this description belittling and insulting at the most extreme end. Further the implication that Maori are essentially utilitarian in their ethical understandings and worldview showed a woeful lack of understanding and experience of Maori culture, philosophy and kaitiakitanga. Maori are a strong and vibrant presence in NZ society: government organisations, courts, universities etc operate on a bilingual basis, there are a large number of very successful Maori-led businesses and corporations, Maori hold senior positions at all universities and are represented in Parliament in both the Maori and general seats. I was stunned to see that the creators of the MST thought it was acceptable to refer to them in such a derogatory, condescending and elitist manner.
    Alexander J West

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