An International Journal of Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy

(ISSN 1740-4681)

Volume 6, Number 2 (2009)


David DeGrazia, ‘Moral Vegetarianism from a Very Broad Basis’, pp. 143-65

Martin Peterson, ‘The Mixed Solution to the Number Problem’, pp. 166-77

Tim W. Christie, ‘Natural Separateness: Why Parfit’s Reductionist Account of Persons Fails to Support Consequentialism’, pp. 178-95

M. J. Mulnix, ‘Harm, Rights, and Liberty: Towards a Non-Normative Reading of Mill’s Liberty Principle’, pp. 196-217

Lee Ward, ‘Locke on Punishment, Property and Moral Knowledge’, pp. 218-44


Center for Ethics and Metaethics, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds

30 June to 2 July
Venue: University of Leeds, Devonshire Hall
Further information:


Tuesday, 30 June

9:30 – 11:15 Susan Wolf (UNC, Chapel Hill): ‘“One Thought Too Many”: Love, Morality and the Ordering of Commitment’

Respondent: Brad Hooker (Reading)

15 min coffee break

11:30 – 1:15 Philip Pettit (Princeton): ‘The Inescapability of Consequentalism’

Respondent: Roger Crisp (Oxford)

Lunchbreak until 2:15

2:15 – 4 Jay Wallace (UC Berkeley): ‘Regret, Justification and Value. Reflection on Themes from “Moral Luck”’

Centre for Ethics and Metaethics and Department of Philosophy
University of Leeds
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Venue: IDEA-CETL Building (8-12 Fenton St.), Seminar Room 1


Prof Matthew Hanser (UC Santa Barbara): “Deferring to Others”

Coffee break

Dr Helen Frowe (Sheffield): “Obeying Orders”

Drinks and dinner at a local restaurant

The first Annual Arizona Workshop on Normative Ethics will take place in Tucson, Arizona at the Westward Look Resort on January 7-9, 2010. Keynote speakers will be Thomas E. Hill (UNC, Chapel Hill), Holly Smith (Rutgers) and Peter Railton (Michigan).

Professor Mark Timmons invites those interested in presenting a paper at the workshop to submit a 2-3 abstract (double-spaced) by June 1, 2009. Only one submission per person please. Abstracts will be evaluated by a program committee and decisions made in early July.

Further information about the Workshop, submission of abstracts, and location can be found on the Workshop website:

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