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Reisner on Abandoning the Buck Passing Analysis of Final Value

Professor Andrew Reisner [1] from McGill University gave a talk today at the Oxford Moral Philosophy Seminar [2]on ‘Abandoning the Buck Passing Analysis of Final Value [3].’ A copy of Andrew’s talk can be found here [3] and he would welcome any comments/suggestions. Here’s an abstract of his talk:

In the decade since the buck passing analysis of good (BPA) was (re)introduced by T.M. Scanlon in his book, What We Owe to Each Other, there has been a great deal of optimism about the view. This optimism is not well founded, and so I shall argue that it is time to abandon the BPA. My suggestion is not that the BPA cannot be made to work for one narrow technical reason or another. Rather, I shall argue that the is unable to deliver on its supposed advantages and that in the end it lacks plausibility as an analysis of final value.