15-17 September 2009
Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, University of Manchester

Tuesday 15 September
2-3.15 John Divers (Leeds) If You Don’t Succeed, At Least Pretend To: The Explanatory Poverty of Modal Fictionalisms

3.45-5 Mary Leng (Liverpool) Mathematical Fictionalism and Constructive Empiricism

5.30-6.45 Daniel Nolan (Nottingham) There’s No Justice: Ontological Moral Fictionalism

Wednesday 16 September
10-11.15 Jonas Olson (Stockholm) Getting Real about Moral Fictionalism

11.45-1 Mark Balaguer (California State, Los Angeles) (title TBA)

2-3.15 Anthony Everett (Bristol) Meinongian Fictionalism Reconsidered

3.45-5 Jussi Suikkanen (Reading) Saving the Moral Fiction: The Content Challenge

*** Evolution, Emotions, and Metaethics ***
2-day workshop at the University of Sydney: Aug 6-7
New Law School Seminar Room 340


10AM – 11:15AM
Don Loeb (University of Vermont)
“Moral disagreement revisited”

11:30AM – 12:45PM
Janice Dowell (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
“A flexible contextualist account of ‘ought'”

2:45PM – 4:00PM
Josh Gert (Florida State University)
“Wittgensteinian metaethics”


10AM – 11:15AM
Justin D’Arms (Ohio State University) and Daniel Jacobson (University of Michigan)
“Interestingly wrong kind of reasons and the opacity of normative force”

Leeds is holding a really interesting workshop on issues concerning naturalism in moral philosophy and in metaphysics and epistemology. Definitely should check it out if you have the chance.

Workshop: “Naturalism: Ethical and Metaphysical”
University of Leeds
September 18-19, 2009

Registration for the workshop is now open. More details about the workshop and registration can be found at:

The workshop begins at 2pm on Friday, 18 September, and ends at 4:15pm on Saturday, 19 September. The speakers are:

The Journal of Applied Philosophy is seeking to appoint a co-editor to work alongside the current editor, Suzanne Uniacke. The position will receive an appropriate honorarium and the appointment will initially be for three years. Expressions of interest in the position should be made, by 1st September 2009, to the Chair of the Management Committee of the Journal, Professor David Archard (d.archard ( at ), from whom further information about the position can also
be obtained.

This First Annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics takes place at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona, from January 7 to January 9, 2010. Here is the program for it, which looks great:

Thursday January 7

5:00–6:30 pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Holly M. Smith (Rutgers)
The Moral Clout of Reasonable Beliefs
Chair: David Schmidtz (University of Arizona)

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