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Fictionalism Conference at Manchester

15-17 September 2009
Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, University of Manchester

Tuesday 15 September
2-3.15 John Divers (Leeds) If You Don’t Succeed, At Least Pretend To: The Explanatory Poverty of Modal Fictionalisms

3.45-5 Mary Leng (Liverpool) Mathematical Fictionalism and Constructive Empiricism

5.30-6.45 Daniel Nolan (Nottingham) There’s No Justice: Ontological Moral Fictionalism

Wednesday 16 September
10-11.15 Jonas Olson (Stockholm) Getting Real about Moral Fictionalism

11.45-1 Mark Balaguer (California State, Los Angeles) (title TBA)

2-3.15 Anthony Everett (Bristol) Meinongian Fictionalism Reconsidered

3.45-5 Jussi Suikkanen (Reading) Saving the Moral Fiction: The Content Challenge

5.30-6.45 Paul Horwich (NYU) The Fiction of Fictionalism

Thursday 17 September
10-11.15 Antony Eagle (Oxford) Another Go at Modal Fictionalism

11.45-1 Robbie Williams (Leeds) Fictionalism about Reference: The Metaphysics of Radical Interpretation

2-3.15 Stephen Yablo (MIT) Hyperbolic Geometry

Register at http://www.socialsciences.manchester.ac.uk/disciplines/philosophy/even ts/fictionalism/ [1]
Registration will close on 28 August.

Chris Daly, University of Manchester
David Liggins, University of Manchester

Email: fictionalism@manchester.ac.uk