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The British Academy, in association with the Centre de recherche en éthique de l’Université de Montréal, will be hosting an international conference on the work of Onora O’Neill, entitled “Ethics and Politics Beyond Borders: The Work of Onora O’Neill.

24-26 SEPTEMBER 2009
10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1
Convenor: Professor David Archard (Lancaster University)

Thursday, 24 September 2009
12.00 Registration

1.30 Session 1: The ethics and politics of global justice
Welcome and opening remarks

Simon Caney (Oxford University): The Pursuit of Global Justice: an examination of the roles and responsibilities of different agents of justice
Gillian Brock (University of Auckland): Needs, Vulnerability, and Porous Borders: some issues concerning the distribution of responsibility
Monique Deveaux (Williams College): Human rights and the Subjects & Agents of Global Justice
Thomas Pogge (Yale University): (title tba)
Dean Chatterjee (University of Utah): Cutting Through the Liberal Conundrum: Onora O’Neill’s Cosmopolitanism

(There will be a short break mid-way through this session.)

Friday, September 25 2009
9:00 Session 2: Theorising trust and consent

Jonathan Glover (King’s College London): How is Trust Possible?
Daniel Weinstock (Université de Montréal): Trust but Verify: On Some Limits to Trust, Conceptual and Institutional
Axel Seemann (Bentley University): Sources of Trust: Reasons, Feelings, and the Participant Stance

10.45 Coffee break

11.30 Session 2: Trust and autonomy
Neil Manson (University of Lancaster): Informed Consent and the Ethics of Communication
Suzanne Uniacke (University of Hull): Respect for Autonomy in Medical Ethics

1.00 Lunch

2.30 Session 3
Normativity and Scope
Lecture by Onora O’Neill, Cambridge University

Saturday, September 26 2009
9.00 Session 4: Kant and Contemporary Moral Philosophy

Thoma Hill Jr. (University of North Carolina): Varieties of Kantian Constructivism
Melissa Barry (Williams College): Constructivist practical reasoning and objectivity
Katrin Flikshuh (LES): Hope or prudence? Practical faith in Kant’s political thinking

11.00 Session 5: Family, children, and procreation – ethical issues
Brenda Almond: Reconstructing the family: from having children to making babies
David Archard (University of Lancaster): Procreative Rights and Procreative Duties
Colin Macleod (University of Victoria): Constructing Children’s Rights

More information about the Conference, including registration forms, can be found on the British Academy website:


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