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Tännsjö on In Defence of Moral Realism

Professor Torbjörn Tännsjö [1](Stockholm University) will be giving a talk next Monday at the Oxford Moral Philosophy Seminar [2] entitled ‘In Defence of Moral Realism [3].’ A copy of Torbjörn’s talk can be found here [3] and he would welcome any comments/suggestions. Here’s an abstract of his talk:

I will present some ideas from a forthcoming book, “From Reasons to Norms: On the Basic Question in Ethics [4] (Springer, forthcoming). I will argue that there is a unique and objective answer to the question what we ought to do, simpliciter. I will rebut Mackie’s arguments from queerness and relativity, and Harman’s empiricist argument in defence of moral nihilism, and following Ewing, Nagel, and Dworkin, I will argue that we are allowed to turn the content of our moral beliefs against the nihilist thesis.