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Crisp on the Buck-Passing Account of Value

Roger Crisp had an article in Mind in 2008 entitled “Goodness and Reasons: Accentuating the Negative.” [1] Mind just published a piece discussing Crisp’s 2008 article by Philip Stratton-Lake [2], as well Crisp’s response [3] to Stratton-Lake, both of which look very interesting. I also have a piece called “The Buck-Passing Account of Value: Lessons from Crisp,” [4] which also discusses Crisp’s 2008 article and which is available via Philosophical Studies’ Online First, or here [5] for a penultimate version. I had a quick look at Stratton-Lake’s piece and Crisp’s response, and as far as I can tell, the points I make in my paper are different from Stratton-Lake’s. I’ll be reading Stratton-Lake’s and Crisp’s papers more closely soon, but in the meantime, I’d be very interested to learn what other people think of them.