At the Centre for Ethics and Metaethics (CEM), University of Leeds


24th June
2-3:30 Daniel Elstein: ‘Can We Do Without Epistemic Value?’

3:30-3:45 Coffee break

3:45-6:30 Symposium on Reasons and Evidence: Daniel Star, Stephen Kearns and Kieran Setiya

3:45-4:30 Daniel Star & Stephen Kearns: ‘Weighing Reasons’
4:30-5:15 Kieran Setiya: ‘What Is A Reason to Act?’
5:15-6:30 Discussion

from 7pm Drinks and Dinner

25th June
9:30-11 Anna-Sara Malmgren: ‘Sub-Personal Reasons’

11-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-12:45 Selim Berker: ‘Epistemic Teleology and the Separateness of Propositions’

12:45-2 Lunch

Date: 29 May, 2010 – 30 May, 2010
Location: Parliament Hall, St Andrews

The philosophy departments at St Andrews and Rutgers are holding what looks to be a very interesting joint conference to examine philosophical questions about the nature and epistemic role of evidence.

Saturday 29th May
10.30–12.30 Ram Neta (UNC, Chapel Hill)
“Easy Knowledge, Bootstrapping, and Higher-Order Reasons”
13.30–15.30 Alvin Goldman (Rutgers)
“Toward a Synthesis of Reliabilism and Evidentialism”,
16.00–18.00 Susanna Siegel (Harvard)
“Cognitive Penetration as an Undercutter”

The Second Annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics will be held at the Westward Look Resort, Tucson, Arizona from January 6 through January 8, 2011.

Normative ethical theory addresses general questions about the right and the good and attempts to answer such questions as: What sorts of actions are right or wrong and why? What sort of person ought one to become and why? Normative ethical theories, including, for instance, versions of consequentialism, deontology, contractualism, natural law theory, and virtue ethics address such questions.

Keynote Speakers:
Robert Audi – David E. Gallo Professor of Business Ethics in the Mendoza College of Business and Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Welcome Matthew Silverstein!
By S. Matthew Liao

We are very pleased that Professor Matthew Silverstein has joined us as a Contributor. Matty is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at NYU Abu Dhabi. He is interested in the foundations of ethics—the question of what, if anything, we can we say on behalf of our most basic ethical commitments? His secondary philosophical interests include the philosophy of action, political philosophy, early modern philosophy, and the history of ethics. He is the author of In Defense of Happiness: A Response to the Experience Machine, published in Social Theory and Practice. Welcome aboard, Matty!

Welcome Matthew Smith!
By S. Matthew Liao

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Matthew Smith, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Yale University, has joined us as a Contributor. Matt’s research focuses on moral and political philosophy. He is particularly interested in approaching moral and political questions from the perspective of practical agency embedded in a social world, and has forthcoming and published papers in Philosophers’ Imprint, Noûs, Philosophy and Public Affairs, and the Journal of Political Philosophy. Welcome, Matt!

Ethics Course Survey
By S. Matthew Liao

Nathan Nobis (Morehouse College, Atlanta) asked me to post the following:

I have created a survey to try to identify which topics are most commonly addressed in introductory ethics courses that have a contemporary moral issues or problems component. If (and only if) you teach a course that focuses on practical issues (with little to no discussion of moral theory) or has a mix of theory and problems (either a unit on theory and then problems or a mix of theory and problems throughout), please fill out this survey below:
Results will be posted here:

Welcome Laura Franklin-Hall!
By S. Matthew Liao

We are very pleased that Professor Laura Franklin-Hall has joined us as a Contributor. Laura is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at New York University, and specializes in the philosophy of biology. She has published numerous articles in Philosophy of Science and also has an active interest in the implications of evolutionary theories for metaethics. Welcome aboard, Laura!

Hi all, I just wanted to call your attention to the following:

Call For Papers
Spindel Prize for Emerging Scholar in Philosophy
2010 Spindel Conference Topic: Empathy and Ethics
Conference Director: Remy Debes

The University of Memphis Department of Philosophy is proud to announce that the topic for the 29th annual Spindel Conference will be “Empathy and Ethics.”

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