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October 7-8, 2010
Institut Jean-Nicod (Paris)

Salle Dussane
Ecole Normale Supérieure
45, rue d’Ulm

10h30: Georgy Gergely (Budapest): Psychological Essentialism: The origins of representing artifact kinds.

11h45: Beate Sodian (Munich): Development of epistemic norm sensitivity in children.

13h00: lunch

14h30: Asher Koriat (HaÏfa): Subjective convictions and social consensus: Evidence from research on social attitudes and social beliefs.

15h45: Jennifer Nagel (Toronto): Epistemic anxiety.

17h00: coffee break

17h15: Joëlle Proust (IJN): On the nature of epistemic norms.

18h30: end

19h30: conference dinner


Salle Jules Ferry
Ecole Normale Supérieure
29, rue d’Ulm

09h00: Pascal Engel (Genève): Cognitivism about epistemic norms.

10h15: coffee break

10h30: Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg): Reasons and requirements.

11h45: Christopher Hookway (Sheffield): Some norms of perception.

13h00: lunch

14h30: Dan Sperber (IJN): Epistemic vigilance and epistemic norms.

15h45: David Over and Angelo Gilio (Durham): Inferring conditionals from disjunctions: A psychological and probabilistic study.

17h00: coffee break

17h15: Jonathan Weinberg (Bloomington): What good are disagreements?

18h30: end

Organisers: Joëlle Proust and Kirk Michaelian

Attendance is free; registration is not required.

For further information, please consult the workshop webpage:


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