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CFP: Fordham Graduate Conference

The Truth of Ethics
February 24-25, 2012
Fordham University

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Stephen Darwall (Yale University)

Papers of high quality relating to the topic “the Truth of Ethics,” broadly construed are invited. Paper topics may address issues in moral epistemology, normative and meta-ethical theory, competing theories of truth, moral psychology, applied ethics, and other related areas.

Sample questions include:

What does moral reasoning tell us about the nature of reason in general?

Do moral propositions have truth values? If so, how do we know them?

If not, then what is their status?

Need we revise traditional conceptions of truth to make room for ethics?

What is the relationship between theoretical and ethical norms?

Papers should be no more than 12 double-spaced pages and prepared for a 20 minute presentation. Please prepare the papers for blind review and in a separate document include 1) your name, 2) your institutional affiliation, and 3) your area of interest/specialization. Full papers preferred, but abstracts will be considered as well.

Submissions are due by October 1, 2011.
All submissions should be sent by email to: fordhamphilosophy (at) gmail.com