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Northeastern Workshop in Applied Philosophy

I’m honored to be one of the keynote speakers at the 2011 Northeastern Workshop in Philosophy [1]. Here are some details of the workshop.

Topic: “Ethical issues in Engineering Biological and Ecological Systems.”
September 30 to October 2, 2011
Northeastern University, Boston

Biological and ecological problems are increasingly understood and approached from an engineering perspective. In environmental contexts this is exemplified in the discourses around geoengineering, designer ecosystems, and assisted colonization. In human health contexts it is exemplified in the discourses around synthetic biology, bionanotechnology, and human enhancement. This workshop will bring together ethicists, philosophers, and others working on issues related to engineering complex biological and ecological systems. The workshop is designed to provide speakers with constructive feedback from colleagues working on related issues.

Sept 30 (Friday)
Chair: Thomas Powers (University of Delaware)

“Sensitivity Enhancement: The Ethics of Testing Cognitive Enhancements on Non-Human Research Subjects” John Basl (Bowling Green State University)

“Sex Selection and the Scope of Procreative Liberty” Valentina Urbanek (Tufts)

*Keynote Speaker*
“Sex Selection and the Procreative Liberty Framework” Inmaculada de Melo-Martin (Cornell)

Oct 1 (Saturday)
Chair: Ben Sachs (NYU)

“Challenges from Robust Human Moral Status Enhancement” Mathew Braddock (Duke)

“Enhancing for Virtue? Toward Holistic Moral Enhancement” William Kabasenche (Washington State)

*Keynote Speaker*
“Human Engineering and Climate Change” S. Matthew Liao (NYU)

Chair: Jame Schaefer (Marquette)

“Geoengineering Research, the Demands of Knowledge, and the Right Reasons” Ben Hale (University of Colorado)

“Evaluating Engineering Policies in Present and Future Generations: Some Reflections and a Simple Model” Nicole Hassoun (Carnegie Mellon)

*Keynote Speaker*
Title: TBA Andrew Light (George Mason)

Oct 2 (Sunday)
Chair: Danielle Bromwich (UMass Boston)

“Why the Bioengineering of Biodiversity Threatens Nature’s Value” Don Maier (Independent Scholar)

“Artifactual organisms, moral status, and biological interest” Sune Holm (University of Copenhagen)

“Is Biomimicry Baconian? Learning about Nature versus learning from Nature” Antoine Dussault (University of Montreal)