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David Bourget and Dave Chalmers, the team that has brought us PhilPapers [1] and PhilJobs [2], have recently launched PhilEvents [3], a website devoted to upcoming events in philosophy.

As Dave describes it,

PhilEvents [3] has a database of hundreds of forthcoming events. You can search [4] it in many different ways: by subject, by location, and by various combinations of subject, location, and so on. You can use this to set up RSS feeds for searches on subjects and locations of interest.

The database covers conferences as well as covering talks and calls for papers for books and conferences. You can maintain a “My events [5]” lists of the events of interest to you, and use special widgets to display information about events on other websites. To start with, items have been entered manually, but we hope that in the longer term organizers will submit [6] their events to PhilEvents as a matter of course. The site can also be used to store associated information about events before and after the fact — papers, audio or video, photos, and so on. We hope that this site will be useful both for event organizers and for philosophers who want to find out about and take part in events.

Do check it out and use it frequently!