June 12 -14, 2012
Location: MSH Lorraine, Campus of the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France 91, av. de la Libération, 3rd floor.

This conference is about intuitions and their epistemic role as evidence. Is there any epistemological explanation justifying the appeal to intuition in philosophy? How can different models of intuitions explain their possible roles? Which role does imagination and conceiving play?

Tuesday, 12 June, 2012
14h15-15h45 Frank Hofmann, Luxemburg : Intuition and evidence about possibilities
16h15-17h45 Paul Boghossian, New York : Intuitions and the A Priori

September 6-8, 2012
Purdue University

The conference will focus on three main challenges to religious and moral beliefs:
• Widespread interpersonal disagreement among intellectual peers on religious and on moral topics provides reason to doubt these beliefs;
• Belief-source disagreement on moral issues between commonsense moral intuitions and religious belief sources raises doubts about both methods of belief formation;
• Evolutionary accounts of the origins of our religious and moral beliefs create doubts about these beliefs by undermining our confidence in the reliability of their sources.

CFA: Rethinking Inequality
By S. Matthew Liao

Rethinking Inequality: Philosophical Reflections on Recent Empirical Research
University of Ottawa, November 16-17, 2012

Rising economic inequality in advanced industrialized states is a phenomenon much discussed by the media in recent years, and much studied by sociologists, social epidemiologists, and scholars of public health. Political theorists and philosophers too have been concerned with abstract notions of equality, and to what extent material inequalities within states are compatible with the more general notion that all individuals are entitled to equal respect. These arguments have however largely failed to consider that high levels of inequality may be correlated with a host of social problems, such as poorer public health, lower levels of social trust, and higher crime rates.

Special Issue on The Nature of the Enkratic Requirement of Rationality
Organon F – International Journal of Analytic Philosophy
Guest Editor: Julian Fink (University of Vienna)
Submission deadline: October 1st 2012

Confirmed contributors:
John Broome (Oxford)
John Brunero (Missouri-St Louis)
Herlinde Pauer-Studer (Vienna)
Christian Piller (York)
Andrew Reisner (McGill)
Jonathan Way (Southampton)
Ralph Wedgwood (USC)

Invited contributors:
Robert Audi (Notre Dame)
Olav Gjelsvik (Oslo)
Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA)

Moral and Political Issues in Contractualist Theory
May, 11 and 12, 2012
University of Rennes 1
Philosophy Department (campus de Beaulieu, bât. 32B – amphi 12 et salle 13).

Keynote speakers
Ann Cudd (University of Kansas, USA) (Analysing Oppression, OUP, 2006)

Tim Mulgan (University of St Andrews, GB) (Future People, OUP, 2006)

Nicholas Southwood (Australian National University, Australia) (Contractualism and the Foundations of Morality, OUP, 2010)

Catherine Colliot-Thélène (Université de Rennes 1, France) (La démocratie sans demos, Seuil, 2011)

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