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CF: Challenges to Religious and Moral Belief: Disagreement and Evolution

September 6-8, 2012
Purdue University

The conference will focus on three main challenges to religious and moral beliefs:
• Widespread interpersonal disagreement among intellectual peers on religious and on moral topics provides reason to doubt these beliefs;
• Belief-source disagreement on moral issues between commonsense moral intuitions and religious belief sources raises doubts about both methods of belief formation;
• Evolutionary accounts of the origins of our religious and moral beliefs create doubts about these beliefs by undermining our confidence in the reliability of their sources.

Conference Participants:
• Robert Audi, University of Notre Dame (Philosophy)
• Sarah Brosnan, Georgia State University (Psychology)
• Kelly James Clark, Calvin College (Philosophy)
• Stephen Davis, Claremont McKenna College (Philosophy)
• Kyla Ebels-Duggan, Northwestern University (Philosophy)
• William FitzPatrick, University of Rochester (Philosophy)
• John Greco, Saint Louis University (Philosophy)
• John Hare, Yale University (Divinity School)
• Kevin Hector, University of Chicago (Divinity School)
• Timothy Jackson, Emory University (Candler School of Theology)
• Jordan Kiper, University of Connecticut (Anthropology)
• Jennifer Lackey, Northwestern University (Philosophy)
• Dustin Locke, Claremont McKenna College (Philosophy)
• Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia (Religious Studies)
• Christian Miller, Wake Forest University (Philosophy)
• Mark Murphy, Georgetown University (Philosophy)
• John Pittard, Yale University (Philosophy & Religious Studies)
• Jeffrey Schloss, Westmont College (Biology)
• Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Duke University (Philosophy)
• Richard Sosis, University of Connecticut (Anthropology)
• Sharon Street, New York University (Philosophy)
• Ralph Wedgwood, University of Southern California (Philosophy)
• Erik Wielenberg, DePauw University (Philosophy)
• Michael Bergmann, Purdue University (Philosophy)
• Patrick Kain, Purdue University (Philosophy)

For more information, including how to register, go to
www.knowinginreligionandmorality.com/conference.html [1].