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9th Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop Program

Madison, Wisconsin
Sept 28-30, 2012

The Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop
is designed to provide an annual forum for new work in metaethics, broadly construed to range across issues in the metaphysics, semantics, and epistemology of morality, as well as issues concerning moral motivation and the relation between morality and practical reason. The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for speakers to receive constructive feedback from interested colleagues, and for other participants to become acquainted with new work in the field.

Keynote Speaker
University of Reading (UK) and The University of Texas (USA)

Registration for the workshop is free. To register, simply send an email indicating your desire to attend to its organizer, Russ Shafer-Landau (shaferlandau (at) wisc.edu). Those who register will receive periodic updates about the workshop. More information can be found here [1].

Copies of the papers will be available here at the end of August.

9am – 10:15am HILLE PAAKKUNAINEN (Syracuse)
Vindicating Practical Norms
Chair: Eric Wiland (UMSL)

10:45am – Noon JOHN BRUNERO (UMSL)
Cognitivism about Practical Rationality
Chair: Jennifer Morton (CCNY)

1:45pm – 3pm SARAH McGRATH (Princeton)
In Defense of a Good Cause
Chair: Jeff Behrends (Wisconsin)

3:25 – 4:45pm CHRIS HEATHWOOD (Colorado)
Irreducibly Normative Properties
Chair: Christian Coons (Bowling Green)

5:15pm – 6:30pm MATT BEDKE (UBC)
No Coincidence?
Chair: Kelly Heuer (Georgetown)

9am – 10:15am CRISTIAN CONSTANTINESCU (Birkbeck)
Moral Vagueness, Realism, and Non-Cognitivism
Chair: Adam Cureton (UT-Knoxville)

10:45am – Noon GUNNAR BJÖRNSSON (Umea & Gothenburg)
The Empirical Implausibility of Absolutist Ethical Cognitivism
Chair: Andrew Sepielli (Toronto)

1:45pm – 3pm JUSTIN D’ARMS (Ohio State) & DANIEL JACOBSON (Michigan)
Wrong Kinds of Reason and the Opacity of Normative Force
Chair: Brad Cokelet (Miami)

3:20pm – 4:50pm JONATHAN DANCY (Reading & Texas) **KEYNOTE ADDRESS**
Practical Reasoning

5:15pm – 6:30pm BRIAN LEITER (Chicago)
Moral Skepticism and Moral Disagreement in Nietzsche
Chair: Billy Dunaway (Michigan)

9:30am – 10:45am KATIA VAVOVA (Mt. Holyoke)
Debunking Evolutionary Debunking
Chair: Barry Maguire (Princeton)

11:15am -12:30pm ERNESTO GARCIA (University of Massachussetts)
Explaining Constitutive Norms
Chair: David Plunkett (Dartmouth)