Here is the full program for the Weighing Reasons Workshop at Princeton.
Dates: Nov 30 & Dec 1, 2012
Location: Marx Hall 301

Friday, Nov. 30
9.00-10.30: Stephen Darwall (Yale)
On Making the Hard Problem of Moral Normativity Easier
Chair: Julia Markovits (M.I.T.)

10.45-12.15: Stephen Kearns (FSU) & Daniel Star (Boston University)
Ought and the Weight of Reasons
Chair: Whitney Schwab (Princeton)

1.15-2.45: Kelly Heuer (Georgetown)
Normative Silencing
Chair: John Mumm (Fordham)

3.00-4.30: Ruth Chang (Rutgers)
Weighing Reasons and the Pareto Rule
Chair: Kurt Sylvan (Rutgers)

5.00-6.30: T.M. Scanlon (Harvard)
Reasons and their Strength
Chair: Selim Berker (Harvard)

International symposium
UMB (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), 21-22 February 2013

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