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UCL Colloquium in Legal and Social Philosophy 2013

Location: The Moot Court, UCL Faculty of Laws Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens, London, WC1H 0EG
Time: 4 – 7pm
Convened by John Tasioulas, Quain Professor of Jurisprudence [1], UCL Faculty of Laws

23 January 2013 The ambitions of ‘Contract as Promise’: Thirty years on
Professor Charles Fried, Harvard University
http://colloquium-fried.eventbrite.com [2]

30 January 2013 What’s the point of blame?
Professor Miranda Fricker, Sheffield University
http://colloquium-fricker.eventbrite.com [3]

6 February 2013 Is dignity the foundation of human rights?
Professor Jeremy Waldron, Oxford University/NYU
http://colloquium-waldron.eventbrite.com [4]

27 February 2013 Proportionality: Diagnostic, not Constitutive
Dr George Letsas, UCL
http://colloquium-letsas.eventbrite.com [5]

13 March 2013 Giving desert its due
Professor T.M. Scanlon, Harvard University
http://colloquium-scanlon.eventbrite.com [6]

26 April 2013 The normativity of law
Professor Joseph Raz, Columbia University
http://colloquium-raz.eventbrite.com [7]

Papers for discussion will be made available normally between 10 days and two weeks in advance of the colloquium date via:
http://www.ucl.ac.uk/laws/jurisprudence/colloquium [8]