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A couple of years ago I had a post here on Ethics Etc (Folk Morality and Philosophical Ethics) reporting some data we had collected about folk views concerning the status of morality.  That research project eventually yielded a  co-authored paper in Mind & Language.

More recently (and more awesomely) the intrepid experimental filmmaker Ben Coonley put together a fantastic, short film based on that paper, starring Amanda Palmer:  Folk Moral Relativism in 3-D  (grab those red/blue 3-D glasses if you have them!)

Ben Coonley has now done three short films based on philosophy papers using experimental methods, including a short film illustrating the Knobe effect, as well as a multi-part, interactive film based on studies of folk views concerning the relationship between morality and happiness, each of which has thousands of views.  This one makes three in this series (so far).  Not only are they great illustrations of the experiments, but they help get folk outside the academia to think about these philosophical issues.  Have a look!


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