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CF: Moral Rationalism
By S. Matthew Liao

Melbourne University will host an international conference on Moral Rationalism, on July 15-17 2013.

Speakers will include: Garett Cullity (Adelaide), David Enoch (Jerusalem), Karen Jones (Melbourne), Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie), Rae Langton (MIT / Cambridge), Julia Markovits (MIT), Tristram McPherson (Melbourne / Virginia Tech), Karl Schafer (Pittsburgh), Francois Schroeter (Melbourne), Laura Schroeter (Melbourne), Michael Smith (Princeton), Nick Southwood (ANU), and Mark van Roojen (Nebraska).

If you wish to attend the conference, please contact Dr. Tristram McPherson: dr.tristram (at) Registration is required (for catering purposes) but free.

The conference is sponsored by an ARC grant (“The Many Moral Rationalisms”) held by Karen Jones, Michael Smith, and François Schroeter.


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