The Journal of Moral Philosophy has just published a special issue on T.M. Scanlon’s political philosophy, guest-edited by Martin O’Neill. Here’s the content of the issue:

Symposium on the Political Philosophy of T. M. Scanlon Introduction
Author: Martin O’Neill
pp. 371–374 (4)

Rights and What We Owe to Each Other
Author: Leif Wenar
pp. 375–399 (25)

Reply to Leif Wenar
Author: T. M. Scanlon
pp. 400–405 (6)

Scanlon on Social and Material Inequality
Author: Jonathan Wolff
pp. 406–425 (20)

Reply to Jonathan Wolff
Author: T. M. Scanlon
pp. 426–428 (3)

Boston Review is hosting a debate on whether we would be better off in a world without blame. Participants include Barbara H. Fried, Christine M. Korsgaard, Erin Kelly, Adriaan Lanni, Mike Konczal, Paul Bloom, Gideon Rosen, Brian Leiter, George Sher, and T. M. Scanlon. Do check it out here.

Ergo: New Open-Access Journal
By S. Matthew Liao

Ergo is a new general, open access philosophy journal that accepts submissions on all philosophical topics and from all philosophical traditions. This includes, among other things: history of philosophy, work in both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as formal and empirically informed philosophy. Papers are published as they are accepted; there is no regular publication schedule.

Meena Krishnamurthy (Manitoba) started a new blog called Political Philosop-her ( The blog is devoted to discussing substantive issues in political philosophy. Its primary aim is to showcase rigorous work being done by women who work in political philosophy. You can find out more about the blog here: Do check it out!

New Work on Speech Acts
Columbia University
September 27-29 2013

Details about times and venue can be found at the conference website, where a full schedule will be posted in the coming months:

Important recent work in philosophical sub-fields as wide-ranging as epistemology, metaethics, metaphysics, and political philosophy has involved nontrivial commitments regarding the nature of speech acts. The aim of this conference is to bring these discussions, along with more traditional discussions within the philosophy of language, into a single conversation about the nature, foundations, and potential applications of speech act theory.

Submission deadline: Thursday, August 1 2013
Conference dates: Thursday, October 10 2013 – Saturday, October 12 2013
Location: Philosophy Department, Bogazici University, İstanbul, Turkey

Keynote Speakers: Ruth Chang, Janice Dowell, John Hawthorne

Invited and confirmed participants: Tristram McPherson, Pekka Väyrynen, TBA

The purpose of this conference is to explore implications of recent work in metametaphysics and metaphysics on fundamentality and grounding for ethics and metaethics. The reverse, namely, whether applications of grounding or fundamentality in ethics or metaethics might cast light on fundamentality and grounding generally, is also of interest. We invite papers relevant to these questions, and especially on the following themes.

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0.