An article by Alex Voorhoeve and me called ‘Why It Matters That Some Are Worse Off Than Others: An Argument against the Priority View’ (Philosophy & Public Affairs) includes a link to this post ‘for remarks by Derek Parfit in reply to this article, plus the authors’ response’. Parfit’s reply, ‘Another Defence of the Priority View’, has been published in this special issue of Utilitas on prioritarianism. I’ve now just published an article called ‘Prioritarianism and the Measure of Utility’ (Journal of Political Philosophy) that responds to Parfit’s. Here’s an excerpt that conveys the gist of my article:

From Hallie Liberto (UConn)
September 20-21, 2013
The University of Connecticut, Laurel Hall

Do victims of oppression have a duty to resist? If so, then in virtue of what do they have such a duty? Can we justifiably blame these individuals if they back down? Does a refusal to stand up for oneself manifest a deficit in moral character?

These are some questions that will be tackled during the UConn Philosophy Department’s Workshop on the Duty to Resist Oppression. This workshop is the kick-starter for the philosophy department’s Junior Faculty Injustice League – a group of junior faculty working on moral, social, and political philosophy – and the Injustice League Lecture Series (ILLS), which will convene throughout the academic year.
September 20th – 21st

Call for Proposals from ETHICS
By S. Matthew Liao

Ethics will turn 125 next year. In honor of that anniversary, beginning in October 2014, the journal will publish a series of retrospective essays that discuss articles from past volumes of the journal.

Ethics has posted a general call for proposals with more details about the project at
The journal invites interested readers and potential contributors to explore the journal’s ample online archive.

Ethics is also marking the occasion with a new Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@EthicsJournal), which will provide updates about the 125th anniversary call for proposals, along with tidbits from the journal’s first 100 years of scholarship.

In Spring 2014, the newly founded journal Moral Philosophy & Politics (MOPP) will publish its first issue, edited by Pranay Sanklecha and Alexa Zellentin (together with Lukas H. Meyer). The topic ofthe Special Issue is “Intergenerational Justice and Natural Resources”. Papers can be submitted until August 31, 2013 via the journal’s manuscript submission site, which can be found here.

You can find further information on the Call for Papers and details on the journal here.

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