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January 23 to 25, 2014
University of Berne, Switzerland

In modern moral philosophy, family issues have first and foremost been addressed within applied and political ethics, e.g. with regard to the fair distribution of domestic work, to moral issues arising within reproductive medicine or to questions pertaining to the legitimacy of state intervention into family life. Fewer attention has been paid to more fundamental questions such as the normative foundations of familial relationships, the scope and content of particular norms like rights and duties within an ethics of the family and the justifiability of familial partiality. The conference “Family Ethics: Partiality revisited“, taking place at the University of Berne, aims at bringing together scholars who have already contributed in important ways to the problem of the justifiability of partiality and/or to issues within family ethics. It wishes to address a range of moral questions family relationships raise: What is a family relationship in times of patchwork families? Is there any moral point in blood bonds? Is love within the family different from love between partners or friends? Are there any familial relationship goods? Is our partiality towards family members morally justifiable?

Papers by:
David Archard (Queen’s University Belfast)
Samantha Brennan (University of Western Ontario)
Anca Gheaus (Sheffield University)
Johannes Giesinger (University of Zurich)
S. Matthew Liao (New York University)
Georg Lohmann (University of Magdeburg)
Amy Mullin (University of Toronto)
Serena Olsaretti (Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona)
Adam Swift (University of Warwick)

Comments by:
Alexander Bagattini (University of Düsseldorf)
Monika Betzler (University of Berne)
Barbara Bleisch (University of Berne)
Anna Goppel (University of Zurich)
Magdalena Hoffmann (University of Berne)
Jörg Löschke (University of Berne)
Beate Rössler (University of Amsterdam)
Nina Scherrer (University of Berne)
Markus Stepanians (University of Berne)
Sarah Stroud (McGill University)

The conference will take place on January 23 to 25, 2014 at the University of Berne in Switzerland. It is organized by Prof. Monika Betzler, Dr.
Barbara Bleisch, Dr. Magdalena Hoffmann, and Dr. des Jörg Loeschke. Registration is due by January 10th (e-mail: monika.betzler (at) There is no conference fee. For the programme, please visit


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