CFP from Ethics
By S. Matthew Liao

As announced last fall, in honor of Ethics’s 125th anniversary, beginning in October 2014, the journal will publish a series of retrospective essays that discuss articles from past volumes of the journal. The journal is presently accepting proposals for the 3rd quarter century (Vols. 51-75). The call for proposals with more details about the project can be found at
The submission window for proposals for the 4th quarter century (Vols. 76-100) will open on April 1 and continue through May 1.

The journal invites interested readers and potential contributors to explore the journal’s ample online archive.

Many thanks to Matthew for the invitation to contribute to Ethics Etc. I would like to let readers know about a workshop and an associated call for papers.

The Department of Philosophy at New York University will host a workshop on the 16 & 17 May 2014. The topic of the workshop is “Value and Virtue in Ethics and Epistemology.” Confirmed speakers include Thomas Hurka (University of Toronto), Julia Driver (Washington University in St. Louis), and Daniel Star (Boston University).

Welcome Barry Maguire!
By S. Matthew Liao

I’m very delighted to welcome Barry Maguire as a Contributor on Ethics Etc. Barry works in Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaethics, and related issues in Metaphysics. He is currently a Bersoff Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow at New York University. He completed his PhD at Princeton in August 2013 under the supervision of Gideon Rosen. Prior to that he studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford. Welcome aboard, Barry!

Do you have research interests in moral disagreement, moral intuitions, moral testimony and moral expertise; or in the nature of applied philosophy and topics like abortion, war, punishment, animals, and medical ethics; or in the mental and social mechanisms that produce moral judgments? This summer, Central European University in Budapest will bring in leading international experts and offer the opportunity to examine questions of morality from an amazing variety of angles. CEU will run Summer University courses in 2014 on Moral Epistemology, on Applied Philosophy and on the Evolutionary Origins and Cognitive Mechanisms of Morality.

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Sept. 4-5, 2014

Invited speakers:

• Dave Estlund (keynote), Brown University,

• Serena Olsaretti (keynote), ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain,

• Dick Arneson, UC San Diego,

• Niko Kolodny, UC Berkeley,

• Dani Attas, Hebrew University, Israel, and

• Anna Stilz, Princeton University

• 1 graduate student, whose paper will be selected from invited submissions (based on nominations from our Board of Advisors and from the speakers at the previous workshop; there are no open submissions for this slot);

This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0.