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The Journal of Moral Philosophy has just published a special issue on Frances Kamm’s book, Ethics for Enemies. Commentators include Professors Caspar Hare, Suzanne Uniacke, Tom Hurka, Jeff McMahan, Gabriella Blum and John C. P. Goldberg. Professor Kamm als provides a Précis and Responses to the Commentators. Here’s the content of the issue:

Summary of Ethics for Enemies
Frances Kamm
pp.: 373–384 (12)

Torture – Does Timing Matter?
Caspar Hare
pp.: 385–394 (10)

Opportunistic Terrorism
Suzanne Uniacke
pp.: 395–410 (16)

Kamm on Intention and Proportionality in War
Thomas Hurka
pp.: 411–427 (17)

Proportionality and Just Cause
Jeff McMahan
pp.: 428–453 (26)

War for the Wrong Reasons
Gabriella Blum and John C. P. Goldberg
pp.: 454–475 (22)

Frances Kamm
pp.: 476–517 (42)

Book Reviews
God and Moral Law, written by Mark C. Murphy
Author: Matthew Carey Jordan
pp.: 519–522 (4)

Deep Control: Essays on Free Will and Value, written by John Martin Fischer
Author: Seth Shabo
pp.: 523–526 (4)

The Impossibility of Perfection: Aristotle, Feminism, and the Complexities of Ethics, written by Michael Slote
Author: Alan T. Wilson
pp.: 527–530 (4)

Recidivist Punishments: The Philosopher’s View, edited by Claudio Tamburrini and Jesper Ryberg
Author: Zachary Hoskins
pp.: 531–534 (4)

Self-Improvement: An Essay in Kantian Ethics, written by Robert N. Johnson
Author: Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin
pp.: 535–538 (4)

The Cambridge Companion to Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia, edited by Ralf Bader and John Meadowcroft
Author: John Fitzgerald
pp.: 539–542 (4)

Property-Owning Democracy: Rawls and Beyond, written by M. O’Neill and T. Williamson
Author: Carl Fox
pp.: 543–546 (4)

Difficult Freedom and Radical Evil in Kant, written by Joël Madore
Author: Matthew Caswell
pp.: 547–550 (4)


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