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Special Issue on Frances Kamm in Journal of Moral Philosophy

The Journal of Moral Philosophy [1] has just published a special issue [2] on Frances Kamm’s book, Ethics for Enemies [3]. Commentators include Professors Caspar Hare, Suzanne Uniacke, Tom Hurka, Jeff McMahan, Gabriella Blum and John C. P. Goldberg. Professor Kamm als provides a Précis and Responses to the Commentators. Here’s the content of the issue [2]:

Summary of Ethics for Enemies
Frances Kamm
pp.: 373–384 (12)

Torture – Does Timing Matter?
Caspar Hare
pp.: 385–394 (10)

Opportunistic Terrorism
Suzanne Uniacke
pp.: 395–410 (16)

Kamm on Intention and Proportionality in War
Thomas Hurka
pp.: 411–427 (17)

Proportionality and Just Cause
Jeff McMahan
pp.: 428–453 (26)

War for the Wrong Reasons
Gabriella Blum and John C. P. Goldberg
pp.: 454–475 (22)

Frances Kamm
pp.: 476–517 (42)

Book Reviews
God and Moral Law, written by Mark C. Murphy
Author: Matthew Carey Jordan
pp.: 519–522 (4)

Deep Control: Essays on Free Will and Value, written by John Martin Fischer
Author: Seth Shabo
pp.: 523–526 (4)

The Impossibility of Perfection: Aristotle, Feminism, and the Complexities of Ethics, written by Michael Slote
Author: Alan T. Wilson
pp.: 527–530 (4)

Recidivist Punishments: The Philosopher’s View, edited by Claudio Tamburrini and Jesper Ryberg
Author: Zachary Hoskins
pp.: 531–534 (4)

Self-Improvement: An Essay in Kantian Ethics, written by Robert N. Johnson
Author: Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin
pp.: 535–538 (4)

The Cambridge Companion to Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia, edited by Ralf Bader and John Meadowcroft
Author: John Fitzgerald
pp.: 539–542 (4)

Property-Owning Democracy: Rawls and Beyond, written by M. O’Neill and T. Williamson
Author: Carl Fox
pp.: 543–546 (4)

Difficult Freedom and Radical Evil in Kant, written by Joël Madore
Author: Matthew Caswell
pp.: 547–550 (4)