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Date: Saturday December 13, 2014
Time: 9:30am to 5pm
Location: Tisch Hall (40 W 4th Street), Room LC-11, New York University

Over the past several years there have been exciting empirical discoveries about the self. At the same time, there have been important developments in the philosophy of the self and personal identity. To foster dialogue and discussion between these empirical and philosophical approaches, this one-day workshop will feature presentations on the self from cognitive scientists and philosophers.

Speakers include:
Daniel Bartels (Chicago): Selfless Giving
Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers)
Ruth Chang (Rutgers)
Simon Cullen (Princeton)
Stephen Darwall (Yale)
David Faraci (UNC) and David Shoemaker (Tulane): Huck vs. JoJo
George Newman (Yale): Value Judgments and the True Self
Shaun Nichols (Arizona): How Many of Us Are There?
Jesse Prinz (CUNY)
Chandra Sripada (Michigan)
Christina Starmans (Yale) and Paul Bloom (Yale): Windows to the soul
Nina Strohminger (Duke): The Essential Moral Self
Kevin Tobia (Yale)
David Velleman (NYU)

There will be four empirical presentations, each matched with a philosophical response, as well as additional solo presentations. Many participants are likely to continue discussion after the workshop with drinks nearby.

The workshop is sponsored by NYU Philosophy and NYU Center for Bioethics. For more information about the workshop, please visit


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