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NYU Workshop on Current Controversies in Bioethics

[1]Date: Friday, May 22nd-Saturday, May 23, 2015
Location: Jurow Hall, NYU Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East
Time: TBA

Bioethics is the study of ethical issues arising out of advances in the life sciences and medicine. The NYU Center for Bioethics [2] is hosting a workshop with thirteen significant figures in Bioethics who will pair up to address and offer contrasting views on five current issues in Bioethics.

* Nomy Arpaly (Brown)
* Nir Eyal (Harvard)
* Agnieszka Jaworska (UC Riverside)
* Neil Levy (Macquarie and Oxford)
* S. Matthew Liao (New York University)
* Dana Nelkin (UC San Diego)
* Collin O’Neil (CUNY, Lehman)
* Henry Richardson (Georgetown)
* Melinda Roberts (College of New Jersey)
* Timothy Schroeder (Ohio State University)
* Saul Smilansky (Haifa)
* Zofia Stemplowska (Oxford)
* David Wasserman (National Institute of Health)

* Addiction and Moral Responsibility
* Psychopathy, Autism and Capacities for Responsible Agency
* Reproductive Ethics and Non-Identity Problem
* The Justification of Ancillary Care Duties
* Justice and Health Care

Space is limited, so please RSVP here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1H4xMU_4bftuXzQ9P0y4ZKorSNfTFNtthGdmK zLRo5pE/viewform [3]) and we will notify you if there is availability.

For full conference details, please visit http://goo.gl/BMGAXQ [4].

Conference organizers: S. Matthew Liao (NYU) and Collin O’Neil (CUNY, Lehman)