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My book, The Right to Be Loved, is now available from all major outlets such as Amazon, Oxford University Press, and Barnes and Noble.

I’m very honored that Christian Barry (Australian National University), Japa Pallikkathayil (University of Pittsburgh), and Leif Wenar (King’s College London) will be discussing the book with me at an Author-Meets-Critics Session at the Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association in San Francisco on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 6pm to 9pm. A book launch is also currently being planned at New York University in the Spring 2016.

Description of the book:
“S. Matthew Liao argues here that children have a right to be loved. To do so he investigates questions such as whether children are rightholders; what grounds a child’s right to beloved; whether love is an appropriate object of a right; and other philosophical and practical issues. His proposal is that all human beings have rights to the fundamental conditions for pursuing a good life; therefore, as human beings, children have human rights to the fundamental conditions for pursuing a good life. Since being loved is one of those fundamental conditions, children thus have a right to be loved. Liao shows that this claim need not be merely empty rhetoric, and that the arguments for this right can hang together as a coherent whole.

This is the first book to make a sustained philosophical case for the right of children to be loved. It makes a unique contribution to the fast-growing literature on family ethics, in particular, on children’s rights and parental rights and responsibilities, and to the emerging field of the philosophy of human rights.”

Some blurbs:
“Matthew Liao contends that, because being loved is fundamental to a child’s prospects for a good life, children have a human right to be loved. In building his case, he addresses the objections that children cannot bear rights, that love cannot be obligatory, and that there is no appropriate obligation-holder if parents die while a child is young—before taking up the issues of parenting licenses and the ethics of adoption. This well-written volume is a leading contribution to the literature on parenting ethics.”
David DeGrazia, George Washington University

“S. Matthew Liao’s book makes a masterful case for a wonderful idea: that children have a right to be loved and we all have a duty to love them. This is a splendid work that I have long looked forward to seeing in print.”
Kimberley Brownlee, University of Warwick

“Two important questions in moral and political philosophy have received insufficient attention in recent years: whether children have rights, and whether parents have a duty to love their children. In this engaging and significant book, Matthew Liao offers suggestive answers to both questions
which will provide the starting point for future debate.”
Roger Crisp, Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, St Anne’s College, and Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Oxford


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