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Panel with “Downsizing” Screenwriter Jim Taylor at the Museum of the Moving Image

As readers of Ethics Etc may know, I had co-written a paper in 2012 called Human Engineering and Climate Change [1] in which we suggested, among other things, that having smaller humans could be a way of combating the effects of climate change. The paper received a lot of attention in the media (see, e.g., here [2], here [3], and here [4]) and I gave a talk at the Sydney Opera House [5] and a TED talk [6] on this topic. Paramount has a new movie coming out this December called Downsizing [7], which is also premised on this idea. Paramount is sponsoring a prescreening of Downsizing at the Museum of the Moving Image on Dec 20 at 7pm (http://www.movingimage.us/visit/calendar/2017/12/20/detail/downsizing [8]  ), after which the screenwriter Jim Taylor (who also wrote Sideways, Election, About Schmidt, Jurassic Park III), a cognitive scientist Heather Berlin, and I will discuss the ideas behind the film. You can watch the trailer for Downsizing here: