I want to apologize in advance for the delay in this posting, and for the questionable way I’ve used the additional time. I’m afraid I lacked the discipline to adhere to the prescribed summary/critique format, or to frame my critique as questions for group discussion. I find Chapter 4 tremendously engaging but very frustrating. After some preliminaries, I intersperse criticism with exposition. This is partly to motivate Kamm’s arguments and further distinctions, but also, I admit, out of sheer impatience. In making this criticism, I offer some case-variants of my own; this imitation, however poor, should be taken as a sincere form of flattery. Anyway, I hope that I’ve succeeded in presenting enough of this Chapter’s striking, original, and idiosyncratic claims to provoke a lively discussion. Of course, you should consult the text of Chapter 4 closely, because I can’t vouch for the accuracy of my quotes or paraphrases, let alone my interpretations. I also apologize for the numerous typos you’ll come across, but I want to get this out while there are still a few days left for discussion.

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