In celebration of Earth Week, readers of Ethics Etc might be interested in a podcast I did with The Adaptors called “Cat Eyes for Climate Change.”

You can find the podcast here: nge

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You can also listen to it directly here:

Readers of Ethics Etc might be interested in Newsweek’s cover story in December entitled “Planet Reboot: Fighting Climate Change With Geoengineering,” in which they interviewed me about whether human engineering may be less risky than geoengineering as a means of mitigating the effects of climate change.

The online version can be found here: 4.html

The NYU Department of Environmental Studies and the NYU Center for Bioethics invite applications for the position of Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow. The initial appointment will be for one year beginning September 1, 2015, renewable annually for a maximum of three years, pending administrative and budgetary approval. We especially welcome candidates who have worked in environmental studies and bioethics, and also those who have training in such areas as ethics, political philosophy, social and political theory, public policy, or environmental health who have strong or emerging teaching and research interests in environmental studies and bioethics.

Helsinki 11-13 November 2014

Confirmed speakers:
John Broome (University of Oxford)
John O’Neill (University of Manchester)

The debates around climate change have renewed the interest in the relation between ethics and economics. The most recent indication of this is the Working Group III report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which takes the ethical foundations of climate mitigation policies explicitly into consideration. For the first time, influential climate ethicists were invited to be among the authors of the report. The aim was to connect the economic evaluation of climate policies to the discussion of the ethical issues.

Readers of Ethics Etc might be interested in an interview I did with the BBC One Planet about human engineering and climate change. The interview segment starts at around the 11 minute mark. _and_Tiny_Vegetarians/

More programming information can be found here.

Here is an amusing cartoon that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, drawn by Cathy Wilcox, about our “Human Engineering and Climate Change” paper.

My co-authors, Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache, and I chime in on the debate regarding our Human Engineering and Climate Change paper at the Guardian. You can read the interview here.

Recently, the Atlantic interviewed me about the paper “Human Engineering and Climate Change,” which I co-wrote with Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache, and which is forthcoming in Ethics, Policy and the Environment. You can find the interview here: ering-could-be-the-solution-to-climate-change/253981/

A paper I’ve co-written with Anders Sandberg (Oxford) and Rebecca Roache (Oxford) entitled “Human Engineering and Climate Change” has been selected by Ethics, Policy, and Environment to be a Target Article for their next issue. The abstract of our paper is as follows:

Buffalo Workshop on Ethics and Adaptation: environmental ethics and policy when the future does not resemble the past

An event to be held 10-11 March 2012 at the University at Buffalo.

In light of the changes we can expect to see as a result of climate change, there is a need, recognizable in recent work in policy, law, and ethics, to reconsider both the ethical norms relevant to our changing world and the forms of justification provided for those norms. The Buffalo workshop on Ethics and Adaptation will provide a venue for beginning to address this need. This workshop will bring together philosophers, policy scholars, and others working on issues related to ethics, adaptation, and sustainability in light of a rapidly changing environment.

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