Philosophy in funny places
By Saul Smilansky

An invited piece of mine on philosophy in Israel, “Letter from Israel“, has just come out in The Philosopher’s Magazine (TPM); naturally it has an ethical dimension and some of you might find it interesting.

Preceding this “Letter from Israel” were reports on philosophy in various other exotic lands. I’ve found many to be fascinating. Check out, for example, the

Letter from Singapore

The “Letter from Iceland

The “Letter from Turkey

From South-Africa

And from Italy…

There have also been “letters” from China, Malta, and so on – just Google your favorite country and you might get lucky.

The petition can be found here and I urge readers to consider signing it. It makes a point of principle, not politics: that the UK-based Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) — which funds research in areas such as law and philosophy — should remove mention of “The Big Society” in its details of strategic research funding priorities. “The Big Society” was a campaign slogan of the Conservative Party. The principled objection is that the policial campaign slogans of any party should not be included. This would be true if the then AHRB had included “The Third Way” after the 1997 election which saw Tony Blair become Prime Minister. This is not about which political party you prefer, but a statement of principle.

Readers are encouraged to visit this link where they can vote for their favourite philosophy journals. The choice is fairly comprehensive with nearly 130 journals listed and more added daily. There have been more than 10,000 votes registered and there will be preliminary results announced here when 50,000 votes is reached. So visit this link — and remember to vote early and often!

Professor Sally Haslanger (MIT) is conducting a survey on publishing in philosophy. All professional philosophers are invited to participate. It should take about 10 minutes. It will be useful to have your CV handy as you complete the survey. You can find the survey here.

If all goes well, Professor Haslanger will to report on the results at the December APA in the symposium on philosophy publishing (Wednesday December 30th, 11:15-1:15).

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