Friday, November 14 and Saturday, November 15, 2014
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Speakers (in alphabetical order):
Simon Blackburn (UNC Chapel Hill); Justin D’Arms (Ohio State); Remy Debes (Memphis); Sabine Döring (Tübingen); Michael Frazer (Harvard); Daniel Jacobson (UMichigan); Antti Kauppinen (Trinity College, Dublin); Michelle Mason (Minnesota); Diana Tietjen Meyers (UConn); Jesse Prinz (CUNY); Peter Railton (UMichigan); Karl Schafer (Pittsburgh); Karsten Stueber (Holy Cross); David Wong (Duke)


“What We Should Do and Why We Should Do It”

Michael Smith
McCosh Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University

Abstract: In these lectures I show how we can move from abstract claims about the nature of action and agency to substantive claims about what agents have reasons to do. Topics covered include: the explanation of action, constitutivist theories of reasons for action, how to distinguish moral from non-moral reasons, the nature and scope of moral reasons and moral responsibility, the link between positive morality and moral reasons, the nature of love, and the moral and non-moral reasons to which love gives rise.

In keeping with its mission of encouraging and recognizing excellence in philosophy, The Marc Sanders Foundation seeks to highlight the importance of ongoing support for the work of younger scholars. As part of this commitment, the Foundation has dedicated resources to an ongoing essay competition, designed to promote excellent research and writing in metaethics on the part of younger scholars. More information about the Sanders Prize in Metaethics, and the Marc Sanders Foundation, can be found at

Submission deadline: Thursday, August 1 2013
Conference dates: Thursday, October 10 2013 – Saturday, October 12 2013
Location: Philosophy Department, Bogazici University, İstanbul, Turkey

Keynote Speakers: Ruth Chang, Janice Dowell, John Hawthorne

Invited and confirmed participants: Tristram McPherson, Pekka Väyrynen, TBA

The purpose of this conference is to explore implications of recent work in metametaphysics and metaphysics on fundamentality and grounding for ethics and metaethics. The reverse, namely, whether applications of grounding or fundamentality in ethics or metaethics might cast light on fundamentality and grounding generally, is also of interest. We invite papers relevant to these questions, and especially on the following themes.

CF: Moral Rationalism
By S. Matthew Liao

Melbourne University will host an international conference on Moral Rationalism, on July 15-17 2013.

Speakers will include: Garett Cullity (Adelaide), David Enoch (Jerusalem), Karen Jones (Melbourne), Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie), Rae Langton (MIT / Cambridge), Julia Markovits (MIT), Tristram McPherson (Melbourne / Virginia Tech), Karl Schafer (Pittsburgh), Francois Schroeter (Melbourne), Laura Schroeter (Melbourne), Michael Smith (Princeton), Nick Southwood (ANU), and Mark van Roojen (Nebraska).

If you wish to attend the conference, please contact Dr. Tristram McPherson: dr.tristram (at) Registration is required (for catering purposes) but free.

The conference is sponsored by an ARC grant (“The Many Moral Rationalisms”) held by Karen Jones, Michael Smith, and François Schroeter.

velleman David Velleman‘s new book, Foundations for Moral Relativism, is now available online as an open-access monograph. You can also get it as a print-on-demand paperback or hardback, and in digital formats here.

Here is a description of the book:

The Nature of the Enkratic Requirement of Rationality
University of Vienna, Austria
Date: April 26-27 2013
Location: University of Vienna, NIG (Neues Institutsgebäude), University of Vienna, room 2i.

Robert Audi (Notre Dame)
John Broome (Oxford)
John Brunero (Missouri – St. Louis)
Miranda del Corral (UNED)
Olav Gjelsvik (CSMN, Oslo)
Christian Piller (York)
Andrew Reisner (McGill)
Jonathan Way (Southampton)

Detailed programme: tions/workshop-the-nature-of-the-enkratic-requirement-of-rationality/

All enquires to julian.fink (at)

A couple of years ago I had a post here on Ethics Etc (Folk Morality and Philosophical Ethics) reporting some data we had collected about folk views concerning the status of morality.  That research project eventually yielded a  co-authored paper in Mind & Language.

More recently (and more awesomely) the intrepid experimental filmmaker Ben Coonley put together a fantastic, short film based on that paper, starring Amanda Palmer:  Folk Moral Relativism in 3-D  (grab those red/blue 3-D glasses if you have them!)

Conference “Reasons: Action, Belief, Perception”
Saarbruecken, Germany
October 10-12, 2013

Invited speakers:
Terence Cuneo (Vermont)
Gerhard Ernst (Erlangen)
Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck)
Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (Aarhus)

University of Wisconsin, Madison
September 27-29, 2013

Keynote Speaker:
Jamie Dreier (Brown)

Abstracts (of 2-3 double-spaced pages) of papers in any area of metaethics are due by May 1. There is a limit of one submission per person. Speakers in the 2011 or 2012 workshop are not eligible to submit abstracts for this year’s event. A program committee will evaluate submissions and make decisions by early June.Information on submitting an abstract, plus much other relevant information about the workshop, can be obtained at the workshop website:

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