Submission deadline: Thursday, August 1 2013
Conference dates: Thursday, October 10 2013 – Saturday, October 12 2013
Location: Philosophy Department, Bogazici University, İstanbul, Turkey

Keynote Speakers: Ruth Chang, Janice Dowell, John Hawthorne

Invited and confirmed participants: Tristram McPherson, Pekka Väyrynen, TBA

The purpose of this conference is to explore implications of recent work in metametaphysics and metaphysics on fundamentality and grounding for ethics and metaethics. The reverse, namely, whether applications of grounding or fundamentality in ethics or metaethics might cast light on fundamentality and grounding generally, is also of interest. We invite papers relevant to these questions, and especially on the following themes.

Moral Indeterminacy
By S. Matthew Liao

Crowdsourcing: I’m teaching a graduate seminar on Moral Indeterminacy in the Fall. I’d be interested in learning about ‘must reads’ and ‘must cover’ topics. Here is a draft description of the course:

CF: Ethics and Explanation 2013
By S. Matthew Liao

Explanation in Mathematics and Ethics
University of Nottingham
18th-19th January 2013

The aim of the conference is to investigate: (i) the connections between indispensability-type arguments in mathematics and ethics; (ii) connections between evolutionary debunking-style arguments in mathematics and ethics and (iii) more generally, other connections between the two areas that touch on the issue of explanation.

Conference talks:

Andrew Aberdein & Alison Pease (Edinburgh):“An Empirical Investigation into Explanation in Mathematical Conversations”
– Comments by James Andow (Nottingham)

Alan Baker (Swarthmore College): “Non-Optional Projects: Mathematical and Ethical”
– Comments by Debbie Roberts (York)

International symposium
UMB (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), 21-22 February 2013

This summer Crispin Wright (NIP Director and Professor at NYU) will walk The Pennine Way, 268 miles across the Pennine mountain tops.

The Aim: To raise money to support graduate students from elsewhere to visit the Northern Institute of Philosophy and to support Northern Institute of Philosophy graduate students to visit other institutions. This is in line with a general mission of the Institute to support early career philosophers to develop their interests and skills through collaboration and philosophical interactions. The costs of such visits and exchanges are seldom adequately provided for in the budgets of grant giving authorities, and philosophy departments, even when in principle willing to support research-related travel by graduate students, are less and less able to do so. The hope is to build a Trust Fund at NIP to enable NIP to provide such support as a part of the regular working routine of the Institute.

Here is a fantastic looking conference on Death organized by one of our Contributors, Thom Brooks, and with Saul Smilansky, among others, as a speaker.

Death: Its Meaning, Morality, and Metaphysics conference
July 6-7, 2011
Politics Building, Newcastle University

Keynote speakers:
Ben Bradley (Syracuse)
Mary Midgley (Newcastle)

Speakers include:
Timo Airaksinen (Helsinki)
William Baird (Georgia State)
Kathy Behrendt (Wilfrid Laurier)
Stephan Blatti (Memphis)
Ben Curtis (Nottingham)
Jon Garthoff (Northwestern)
Geoffrey Scarre (Durham)
Saul Smilansky (Haifa)
Alex Voorhoeve (LSE)
Aaron Wolff (Syracuse)

15-17 September 2009
Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, University of Manchester

Tuesday 15 September
2-3.15 John Divers (Leeds) If You Don’t Succeed, At Least Pretend To: The Explanatory Poverty of Modal Fictionalisms

3.45-5 Mary Leng (Liverpool) Mathematical Fictionalism and Constructive Empiricism

5.30-6.45 Daniel Nolan (Nottingham) There’s No Justice: Ontological Moral Fictionalism

Wednesday 16 September
10-11.15 Jonas Olson (Stockholm) Getting Real about Moral Fictionalism

11.45-1 Mark Balaguer (California State, Los Angeles) (title TBA)

2-3.15 Anthony Everett (Bristol) Meinongian Fictionalism Reconsidered

3.45-5 Jussi Suikkanen (Reading) Saving the Moral Fiction: The Content Challenge

Stockholm June Workshop in Philosophy 2009

Metaphysics and Normativity

June 4, 9.30 – 17.00
Stockholm University, room B497


‘The Scope of (External) Reasons’

‘Temporalism about Death’s Badness’

‘Rossian Minimalism’

‘Getting Real about Moral Fictionalism’

‘Eternalism and the Open Future’

Organizers: Jens Johansson and Jonas Olson

Attendance is free of charge, but please email the organizers if you plan to attend.

Hare on Obligation and Regret
By S. Matthew Liao

Professor Caspar Hare from MIT will be giving a talk this Monday at the Oxford Moral Philosophy Seminar on “Obligation and Regret When There is No Fact of the Matter About What Would have Happened If You Had Not Done What You Did.” Here is an abstract of his talk:

This paper is about conditional under-specification and the objective ought. Moral: sometimes there is a difference between what there is most reason for you to do and what a fully informed, benevolent observer would want you to do.

A copy of Caspar’s talk can be found here, and he would welcome any comments/suggestions.

If I may be allowed a chance to make a brief announcement, I am delighted to say that my new monograph, Hegel’s Political Philosophy: A Systematic Reading of the Philosophy of Right, is hot off the press. It is published by Edinburgh University Press and distributed in the United States by Columbia University Press.

For a taster:

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