A few weeks ago, I had the honor and the pleasure of talking about the ethics of human augmentation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Savage, and Chuck Nice at the New York Comic Con! We discussed a range of topics from exoskeletons and brain implants to tiny humans to save the planet and Artificial Intelligence. You can watch the full episode here.

I recently had a fun podcast interview with Rose Eveleth from Gizmodo about engineering humans for a better planet. Gizmodo gave the interview the title “To Stop Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans,” which is somewhat of a misnomer since I have never claimed that one ‘must’ genetically engineer humans in order to stop climate change. You can find the write-up here with some thoughtful comments from Rose:

http://gizmodo.com/meanwhile-in-the-future-to-stop-climate-change-we-m us-1733583113

And you can listen to the podcast here:

Readers of Ethics Ethic might be interested in Princeton Alumni Weekly’s special issue this month on the brain, which includes a Q&A with me about the ethics of neuroscience. Here is the link to the issue:


And here’s the link to my Q&A:


Do check them out!

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